1. Vegetable Samosa - Two deep fries crispy pastries with mildly spiced potatoes and peas
  2. Keema Samosa - Two mildly spiced beef filled pastries
  3. Chicken Pakora - Tender boneless batter fried chicken marinated with spices
  4. Vegetable Pakora - Assorted fresh fritters
  5. Paneer Pakora - Homemade cheese cubes lightly spiced and batter fired
  6. Aloo Tikki - Mildly spiced minced deep fried potatoes
  7. Chane Ki Chat - A tangy sweet blend of fruit, vegetables and chick peas sprinkled with black Indian salt, served chilled
  8. Paneer Papadi - Chat A tangy, sweet blend of paneer potatoes, papdies a ouch of yogurt
  9. Assorted Vegetable Platter - A sampling of vegetarian appetizers
  10. Mixed Platter - A sampling of appetizers including chicken pakora and paneer pakora
  11. Chicken Dippers - Traditional boneless fried chicken
  12. Papardam - Two crisp, spicy lentil wafers
  13. Chicken Tikka - Marinated chunks of boneless barbecued chicken
  14. Mushroom Tandoori - Mushrooms marinated in yogurt, mild spices and herbs
  15. Palak Pakora - Fresh Spanish leaves lightly spiced and batter fried